On January 28th, the annual conference of Raleigh Japan Society (RJS) in 2017 was held in the center of International Education in Waseda university. There were 22 members from various ages, background and time of participation. Among participants, there were group of people who met for the first time in 30 years!! All of participants were longing for memories of their experiences in Raleigh expedition.


During the conference, the main themes are activity reports and statement account in 2016 and activity plan. 2016 is the year for RJS to establish basis of organization after the takeover of EARTH TRACK. There the main activities were establishment of office, management of a list of names and launch of website. Additionally, RJS supported two students to participate volunteer of Raleigh international by giving advice and scholarship. About the 2017 activity plan, RJS will focus on strengthening international network, sending 3 participants and PR activities in addition to the strengthen basis of organization.